Tesla Model 3

A list of 29 cars that are all good choices for the environment, health and safety has been listed. After that, an expert jury has scored these and appointed the Tesla Model 3 RWD as the Best Environmentally Friendly Car in 2023.

The jury’s motivation for the winner:

“With the Tesla Model 3 RWD, Tesla shows that electric car batteries can be built with low environmental impact, without the need for rare earth metals or other limited resources such as cobalt. The car has class-leading efficiency that gives an impressive range in relation to the size of the battery pack. It is a technology leader in its segment and shows the way for how well integrated software can enhance the car experience. Despite the fact that the Model 3 is the smallest car in Tesla’s model range, it has a large interior, well-sized luggage space and can be equipped with a towbar. Overall, the Tesla Model 3 RWD is a car that is well suited for the family. It shows the way into the future in terms of software, technology, range, environment and the possibility of long journeys, thanks to Tesla’s network of chargers.”

Alongside the jury’s justification, we want to highlight our hopes for simpler and more convenient car sharing, which Tesla’s integrated software makes possible.

White Tesla Model 3

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