Lower Energy Costs with led lights

At the moment, it is circumstances in our surrounding world that affect the electricity supply. This leads to high electricity prices and reduced opportunities to import electricity when we need it. To reduce the risk of electricity shortages this winter and to reduce electricity costs, we all need help to reduce electricity use. By reducing our electricity use, we help each other in Europe.

Some of the measures to lower the cost of electricity:

  • Lowered indoor temperature in, for example, offices and lunch rooms in the municipality’s administrative premises, such as the town hall. The temperature is lowered from 21 degrees to 20 degrees.
  • Turning off the outdoor lighting at certain municipal buildings at night. This concerns, for example, schoolyards and the municipality’s office premises
    Effect lighting of trees and bridges, for example, will be switched off. Security-creating lighting will remain.

Every small change makes a big difference in the big picture, if we help each other. Our assessment is that the measures we implement have a good effect, while at the same time they do not involve too great an impact on people and society. We also comply with the laws and requirements that apply to, for example, indoor temperatures.

Replace all the lighting that we generally light around Christmas with low-energy lamps, so-called LED lamps, and make both the electricity costs and the energy consumption lower.

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